Our philosophy, personalized service to our clients.

Offered Services

Our company’s philosophy: to offer a personalized service to our clients. We assign a professional to each company, so they can always deal directly with him. We try to answer all doubts and concerns, with honesty and professionalism and we guide and advise you about the best options for your company.




Our team is continuously updating its knowledge about the new labor legislation, so we can advise you in all matters regarding labor relations. We keep you informed about all   labor changes that can affect your activity, with our up to date, professional and close way of relating with you.

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Tax and Accounting


The complex tax legislation that regulates tax compliance requires professional consultancy and awareness of your company’s reality. Our team works so our advice is not merely reduced to a specific operation, but we dedicate our human and material resources to guarantee the best tax plan for your activity.

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Economic-Accounting and Financial

Our accounting experts design and implement the accounting system for your company and offer advice, if you have any doubts. Along with our expert economists, we place at your disposal financial reports and all the relevant information you need for the decision making and management control of your business.

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Our legal experts are in charge of analyzing your case in detail, looking for the best solution, in an effective, direct and agile way. Their long experience in multiple issues guarantees a personalized service adapted to your needs.

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This company cooperates with other professional offices outside our national territory such as in England, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Russia, USA, etc, so we can offer our clients an integral legal and juridical advice appropriated for your business needs.


With the aim of giving our clients an integral service, we have expert staff in many areas, such as personnel selection, studies and projects to obtain environmental licenses, energy performance certificate, insurance, customized training, processing agency, etc.

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