We are a team with more than 20 years of experience.

About Us

We, at C.E. Consultoría de Empresas, are an organization dedicated for more than 30 years to integral business consulting in all aspects: labor, social security, taxes, accounting, legal, administrative, bankruptcy statements, insurance, subsidies, etc. We make consulting work for more than 400 clients, from large companies to SMEs and self-employed workers.

From the beginning, we have been steadily consolidating ourselves in Valencia as a company with a wide experience, thanks to our professionalism and because we have a multidisciplinary team with an extensive experience and continuous training. Our excellence policy is not aimed only at achieving benefits, but also at implementing a collaborative policy to open doors to a creative adventure to generate illusion, establishing at the same time, good managing and working practices.

Organizational Structure

The company’s internal organization consists on a departmental distribution divided by working areas in order to be more effective and specialized in the different matters.

Furthermore, this organization also allows for a greater technical and personalized service for all types of clients.

However, to give a more personalized attention, a tax technician is assigned to each client so they can work directly with him.

Professionals within the different company areas make up a multidisciplinary team of social graduates, lawyers, economists, accountants and tax consultants with a long professional record and experience.

We are aware that one of the more important global changes currently taking place is the technological change and, while it doesn’t have a great influence in consultancy services, it does open a wide range of possibilities on how to advise and communicate with our clients. Thus, and with the desire to adapt ourselves and improve our services, C. E. Consultoría de Empresas has acquired the technological means necessary to interact with our clients, as well as to communicate with the administrative department in a speedier and more secure way. Moreover, it has a personalized interface to meet each customer’s specific requirements, so that they can access at all times all the documents they may need.

Human Capital and Technological Resources


Although our best warranty is consistency and work well done, C.E. Consultoría de Empresas has different Civil Liability policies to ensure maximum coverage to our clients. Furthermore, it complies with the Organic Law of Data Protection and the Anti-Money Laundering Law.